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May 2015

LISA GRAFF: Lost In The Sun Ooo, goody! I love new-book-release Tuesday. Today we celebrate the release of an awesome new book by Lisa Graff, Lost In the Sun. Young readers, get ready to get your socks knocked off. For real.

The New York Public Library, The Brooklyn Library and the Queens Library, along with the NYC school library network, has selected President of the Whole Fifth Grade--a book totally written by yours truly--for their recommended summer reading list. Oh, New York.

GO FUND ME I’m counting on you to help make this work. When President of the Whole Sixth Grade gets released in November, I want to make a splash. Name in lights! Press conferences! Television appearances! OK, none of that’s going

If you want to PLAN A SCHOOL VISIT, need a Speaker for an upcoming event or SCHEDULE any other book talk: write "REQUESTING AUTHOR" in the subjct of your message. (That’s how the cool kids do it!) I can also be reached through my publicist with Little, Brown Books [email protected]

If you’re a teacher, parent or student with any other type of question or comment: write “ASK THE AUTHOR.” That will help me distinguish it from all the other less fun emails.