About Sherri Winston

Hi readers,

My name is Sherri Winston. I am so proud and thankful for your visit to my site today. Becoming an author has been a lifelong dream. I’ve been telling stories and imagining “what if …” since I was two or three-years old. Thank you for allowing me to share my stories.

Life growing up in Michigan was full of lighthouses, love and family. I had two brothers and two sisters, and our family didn’t have a lot of money. Still, every birthday we got presents and cakes made especially for us. Our mom was a fabulous cook. My favorite cake was banana—it still is. My favorite gifts were writing papers, sketch pads, crayons, colored markers and comic books.

Michigan life included lots of trips to the beach, exploring the many lakes our region had to offer. My mom used to like going to the beach at night. Sometimes I can still hear the lush sound of the waves breaking against the shore in the dark.

After high school, I traveled from our small West Michigan town to E. Lansing, Mich., where I studied journalism at Michigan State University. Since then I’ve gone on to work at numerous newspapers spanning states from Michigan to Florida. I’ve now lived in Florida longer than Michigan, but I’m still a Great Lakes Girl through and through.

I have one daughter, two dogs, three cats. Well, not all by myself. I share a house with my baby sister and her son. I spend my mornings at my desk in the front of the house, facing the large window that opens to a world of stories… and possibilities.