Help me give away books, and cupcakes n' stuff! You're awesome!
Help me give away books, and cupcakes n’ stuff! You’re awesome!


I’m counting on you to help make this work. When President of the Whole Sixth Grade gets released in November, I want to make a splash. Name in lights! Press conferences! Television appearances! OK, none of that’s going to happen. So help me have the next best thing. I want to travel to Detroit, Mich., my home away from home, and give away 300 books to deserving middle school kids who may have a tough time paying for brand new hard cover book. Much as I’d love to claim to have the resources of my favorite faux author, Richard Castle on ABC’s Castle, I do not. My heart is big, but my bank account, not so much.


What I need is for you to visit my campaign. Make a donation. Then follow my blogs and facebook or twitter for constant updates. With the cost of purchasing the books, traveling to Detroit, and staying for three nights so that I can visit the schools, the cost will be $7,000. I am donating my time and offering my services to schools that couldn’t ordinarily afford the $300 speaking fee for an author. (And trust me, my fee is on the low end.)


So that’s the dealio. Help me put brand spanking new books in the hands of some great kids. Growing up with books home changed my life. Now let’s see if we can do it for someone else. In advance, I love you for caring enough to help. In a few weeks, I’ll post the rewards for donations. But you can give just any ol’ time! Smooches!

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