Dear Book People,

I am an enthusiastic presenter and would love to stop over to your lovely school, city library or dungeon. I’m very good when it comes to reading to dragons. They love cupcakes!

If you are looking for a speaker to attend an event, and you want to pick me, pick me, pick me–then by all means PICK ME.

Thanks to my new friends at Authors Out Loud, I now have “people.” They are my people, when it comes to setting up visits, and they are good people. Now, excuse me while I become serious and important:

(clears throat)


To request an in person or virtual speaking engagement, please contact Authors Out Loud, or view my SPEAKING PROFILE.

My programs are designed almost like game shows. My goal is to get the kids excited about books, writing, and reading.

Well, darlings, it’s past my bedtime. Besides, I have a good book to read. My mailbox is open. Hope to hear from you soon.


Sherri Winston