Dear Book People,

I am an enthusiastic presenter and would love to stop over to your lovely school, city library or dungeon. I’m very good when it comes to reading to dragons. They love cupcakes!

If you are looking for a speaker to attend an event, please contact me at [email protected]. I also do virtual events, so if an in-person trip isn’t possible, we can work it out.

My programs are designed almost like game shows. My goal is to get the kids excited about books, writing, and reading. I have a knack for enticing even the biggest fifth-grade cynic! Choosing genres, using prompts, allowing the children to write a first sentence, paragraph or page for a story idea—I run around from group to group and really get the atmosphere to crackle. It needs to resonate with the children. They are always my focus.

Well, darlings, it’s past my bedtime. Besides, I have a good book to read. My mailbox is open. Hope to hear from you soon.


Sherri Winston

FEE: $2400 for up to 4 hours (negotiable depending on type of event)

LIMITS: I will travel up to fifty miles from my home in Orlando without charging for travel. If I must go further, terms are negotiable.

For everything else…