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Hey readers, first let me say, you’re looking mighty fine today. Love what you’ve done with your hair. Second, I want to assure you that I’m not so big and important that I’m hard to reach.


To reach me:

[email protected]


Or if you prefer:

[email protected]


And if you’re feeling rushed:

[email protected]


Whatever you do, don’t forget, I’m at [email protected].


Ahh, I do love the sound of that. Notifications. I’ve got mail! Maybe it’s you. Toodle-doo!

If you want to PLAN A SCHOOL VISIT, need a Speaker for an upcoming event or SCHEDULE any other book talk: write "REQUESTING AUTHOR" in the subjct of your message. (That’s how the cool kids do it!) I can also be reached through my publicist with Little, Brown Books [email protected]

If you’re a teacher, parent or student with any other type of question or comment: write “ASK THE AUTHOR.” That will help me distinguish it from all the other less fun emails.