Great Escapes

Imagine inspiring one of history’s most notable authors and not even being able to read! That’s what Eliza Harris did. Already enslaved herself and fearing her son is about to be taken from her and sold, Eliza devises a desperate plan that includes crossing a frozen river in February of 1838. Running from slave catchers, wild animals, and even hunger, Eliza’s run to freedom is fraught with harrowing adventure. And when the ice starts to crack beneath her feet while slave catchers yell from the shore, Eliza must decide: Turn back and risk losing my son? Or keep going and hope I can keep my son safe from the river. Eliza makes an impossible choice, inspiring 1850’s author Harriet Beecher Stowe to immortalize her trek in her famous book, Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Join Eliza’s run for freedom and ask yourself, “What would I do?”