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By Sherri Winston

Young Spy battles danger, new school and pie!

Jada Sly is a girl with a passion for fashion–and intrigue!

The Sly Museum

Imagine you’re a young girl living in Bordeaux, France, when your mother suddenly leaves for “business” in New York City. Only, she never returns. Her self-piloted plane crashes in the Atlantic when she is on her way home.


Now, imagine that six months later, you and your father move back to New York where you were born. And imagine that deep in your heart you never believed that your mother died. No! you think there is more going on. And you believe your mom is hiding out right here in New York City.

What would you do?

For Jada Sly, the path to truth takes patience, impeccable style, wit, and a plot to totally uncover the truth.

For Jada Sly, the path to truth takes patience, impeccable style, wit, and a plot to totally uncover the truth.

Jada comes from a wealthy Upper West Side family who owns a museum on Central Park West. Her father is overwhelmed with running the museum, while Grandma and her arch eyebrow keeps everyone in line. Still, Jada uses her artistic skill to organize her thoughts and help solve the mystery of what really happened to her mom.

Her life is spinning–new home, new school, and a growing pressure inside her find the truth. Then Jada meets Brooklyn, a cool girl at her school. Suddenly, Jada learns that she isn’t the only girl in Upper West craving intrigue. Thanks to Brooklyn, she’s invited to join the school’s international Pie Society. Pie? Or could it be something more?

Help Jada and her International Pie/Spy friends find the answers she needs. Jada Sly, Artist & Spy is a delicious, fast-paced romp through New York City with a unique character and her friends as they discover answers to questions Jaa has held in her heart for months.

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