NEW PREZ COVER-1Barnes & Noble is challenging young readers to flex their mental muscle with a Reading Triathlon. Young readers can upload a reading journal or come into a store and to pick a copy. The more they read the more FREE BOOKS they earn. And I am blessed to have my book, President of the Whole Fifth Grade, as one of the prizes.

Well, a thing like that simply must be celebrated. So here’s the deal. I’ll be appearing at the Florida Mall B&N at 8358 Orange Blossom Trail on Friday, 4:30 p.m. What am I doing there? Well, glad you asked! I’m going to show young readers how I use sketches and doodles to help me visualize my stories. Another favorite way to spark my creativity is playing with LEGO. I use LEGO structures to help me physically connect with my stories. OK, I use them mostly ’cause they’re a hoot. Even so, deciding on the pieces and what they mean and where they stand and who they stand for requires a type of narrative. Assembling those same pieces for a stop motion mini movie demands even more storytelling skills. A great way to wile away an afternoon, a weekend or more!

I’ll be debuting my latest LEGO mini-movie based on characters in President of the Whole Fifth Grade and my yet-to-be-released novel, The Sweetest Sound.

Parents, caregivers and anyone needing to breakup the cries of “what’re we gonna’ do now” should come by and get ideas to use throughout the summer. I know, awesome, right?

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