Hey, if your school is anything like mine, your teacher probably bugging you about research papers and essays. Mrs. Nutmeg is freaking out about social studies. You know, making us learn all kinds of stuff  about the Presidents because it’s almost President’s Day.

Well, don’t worry. I’ve got an idea. If you’ve gotta’ do social studies instead of important stuff like shooting hoops or playing Mario Kart, might as well enjoy it. Did you know that many Presidential dudes had hobbies like the rest of us. If you’re looking for someone to research, try this guy.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

He collected stamps and autographs. His stamp collection had nearly 1,250,000 stamps, including official approved stamp design sketches. Roosevelt suggested some stamp subjects and even designed a few himself. After her died, 150 of FDR’s stamp albums sold for about $250,000. The chief executive also collected signatures from famous people attending important events.

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