Jada Sly, Artist and Spy has been flying below the radar, but she is ready for her closeup. This little secret agent doesn’t work for some secretive government program for kids. She’s the 10-year-old daughter of an American working for the state department in France, and a father who descends from art dealers and an ancestral museum in New York City. When her mom’s plane disappears over the Atlantic after leaving New York City, Jada and her father are devastated. However, right away, Jada picks up on clues that convince her there is more to the story. Did her mother really die? Is she really dead? And when dad decides to move back to New York to be closer to his mother, Jada seizes the chance to do what she has wanted for months–to search for clues and find out what really happened to her mom.

Jada sees the world through her art and instead of a traditional journal, she chronicles her experiences in sketches. Follow the clues in Jada’s sketchbook and join along with the secret P.I.E. Society at her new school. P.I.E. might not mean what you think. Be prepared for a slice of mystery with a heaping scoop and intrigue.

Okay, as the author, I know I’m biased. However, all those fine folks in Indiana are on my side. They think Jada is awesome and deserves recognition. And so do I.

This holiday season, you don’t have to go undercover to discover a great read for your eight and older readers. Simply go to a bookstore–in person or online. It has appeal for boys and girls and burgeoning spies of all ages. Well, mostly all ages.

From the sketchbook of Jada Sly!

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  1. Wasn’t sure if this email will get to you…guess I’ll know soon. Just had to tell you that when we finished our One and Only Ivan book club yesterday I was asking for suggestions for the new year. One student held up your book President of the Whole Fifth Grade…and when I told her that I knew you she lost it…thank you for being a rock star…and making me into one for knowing you. Hoping all is well with you and your family.

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