President of the Whole Sixth Grade: Girl Code

The story picks a few days after where President of the Whole Sixth Grade left off.

Brianna Justice, baker extraordinaire, has developed a new passion—journalism. When Brianna gets paired with a real-live Detroit journalist from the local paper, she isn’t exactly thrilled. After all, she had her heart set on pairing with the thriller consumer reporter from TV but instead ended up with this guy.

But you know Brianna Justice. She’s determined to make the best out of her situation. But when the very middle class daughter of an FBI agent and nurse finds herself looking for stories at a low-income inner city school, Brianna has to face tough facts about the world—and herself. Girl Code takes Brianna on a journey of self-discovery filled with all her trademark wit, ups and downs. But what sets this book apart from others in the series is the conversations it should spark in anyone who has made assumptions about other people. Prejudice doesn’t always mean being dismissive of someone of another race or group. Sometimes we must face that we hold negative stereotypes toward people who look just like us. Brianna faces the challenge and comes away with deeper insights into herself and the world around her.


Praise for President of the Whole Sixth Grade: Girl Code:

“Thought-provoking and smart and a great springboard for discussions on race and class.”―Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Winston’s humorous prose captures the spirited preteen voice of an honors student with sass, quick wit, and great ideas…. A whip-smart, funny, and fast-paced outing equally suited to returning fans and readers who are just meeting Brianna for the first time.”―Kirkus Reviews 

“Brianna’s determination and follow-through make her a great role model, but the true value here is the very real depiction of the ebb and flow of middle-school friendships and the difficulties that come with growing up. An important resource for anyone who’s ever been in Brianna’s shoes.”―Booklist