The Sweetest Sound

Cadence Mariah Jolly is a quiet girl. But quiet doesn’t mean she can’t have her own opinions.

If only the people around her understood that.

Trying to cope ever since her mother walked out on her, Junior and their father, Cadence feels the weighty responsibility of trying to keep her father’s spirits up. He is determined to “wait for” her mother to return even though Cadence isn’t sure mom’s coming best would be the best thing for anybody. Luckily for Cadence she’s got her flashy sweet aunt and her friends. And the gospel choir at church. And even though quiet Cadence never craved the spotlight—like her mother, who left to pursue her dreams as a singer—she does desperately desire a spot in the Youth Choir at church. Only to move from the back row of the little kids’ choir to the more skilled singing ensemble will mean stepping up front and singing out loud. In front of everybody. Cadence sees the world in half-notes, but is the multi-talented singer-musician ready for centerstage?


From Amazon reviews

“[A] rich and winning first-person story about a deeply introverted black girl who nearly loses her gift because of her understandable but undermining fear. Readers will be rooting for both Cadence as she claims her gift and the community who supports her.”―Kirkus Reviews 

“[T]his book — much like Cadence — absolutely blossoms.”―Booklist

“The Sweetest Sound is a gorgeous song of a book – a story about faith, confidence, finding your voice, and singing out loud to lift up the people around you. I only wish I could hear Cadence Mariah Jolly sing for real. She’s a character who will stay with me for a long, long time.”―Kate Messner, author of The Seventh Wish and All the Answers