Jada Sly, Artist & Spy

Are sinister forces chasing her through the streets of Manhattan? Or is it simply Jada’s imagination?

Jada Sly and her dad move from Bordeaux back to where the two of them were born in New York City. It’s supposed to be a fresh start after her mother’s small aircraft went down six months ago. Jada has felt an aching loss for her mother.

However, when a series of clues become evident, Jada is no longer sure her mother died in that crash. Is it possible? Could Mrs. Sly be alive. And the even bigger question—something Jada always suspected—is her mother a spy?

Using her wits, new friends at The Proper Day School near Central Park, and her zeal for spy games, Jada takes you across the great island of Manhattan in a desperate search to prove her theory. Will she discover the truth? And if she does, is it a truth she can live with?


From Amazon reviews

“[A] fast-paced, fun novel.”―School Library Connection

“In this easygoing, fast-reading narrative, Jada is a determined young spy-in-training who would give an adolescent James Bond a run for his money.”―BCCB

“Jada’s family history and her interest in art are memorable. A beginner thriller with some real gems in it.”―Kirkus Reviews

“Jada Sly: she’s smart, she’s fun.”―School Library Journal

“Winston has created a spunky character in Jada, a fashionable artist and independent girl who isn’t afraid to take on a few adults in the search for the truth.”―Booklist