The hardest thing about waiting for the next book in the sequence is anticipating the new cover.
I love you, Marley Dias! At 11, this little firecracker blew some folks minds with her #1000booksforblackgirls campaign. Now 15, she’s still fighting for change. Get ‘em, girl!

With five days until my birthday, my wish is for you to remember these every day heroes.

Old Navy’s latest tv campaign is awash in color, style and substance. The new “We Are We” campaign celebrates five young activists speaking out for change.

Hats off to Old Navy for embracing the movement and lending a voice to change.

According to Campaign Online (Lindsey Stein), the tv and digital spots will feature five people actively involved in making the world a better place.

When the spot came on my tv last night, I was drawn to its bright colors and snappy graphics. But I immediately recognized the face and voice of one of my favorite young people, 15-year-old Marley Dias.

Dias created the movement #1000blackgirlbooks when she was 11. What started as a simple attempt to bring more diverse books into classrooms soon turned the New Jersey native into a national darling. Dias made the media circuit, including several morning shows. And god bless her if wasn’t seen several times with copies of my books, including President of the Whole Sixth Grade. I felt honored to be shown among other well-know authors of color such as Jacqueline Woodson, Sharon Draper, Sharon Flake and Rita Williams-Garcia.

Five cheers for:

1. Feminist, activist, and leader, Marley Dias. @iammarleydias

2. Ja’Mal Green, a father, entrepreneur, and community activist in Chicago fighting for change. @JaMalGreen

Chicago activist and former mayoral candidate committed to fighting for change. (photo/Chicago 2 News online)

3. Sara Mora, 22, an immigrant rights activist, knows the struggle first-hand. She is an immigrant from Costa Rica, part of Deferred Action for Children’s Arrival Program (DACA), and is fighting to help young voters see the power of being woke and taking action. @misssaramora

4. Dawn Bozeman, school superintendent for eight years in Dunlap, I’ll., according to her Facebook page, is active in local activism and championing the cause of education.

Dawn Bozeman, wife, mother, educator, activist./Facebook

5. Sharene Woods, a native of Harlem, supporting Boys & Girls Clubs of Harlem and is a Black Women Black Girls board member.

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